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Myron Golden

Myron Golden is an entrepreneur and business strategist who demonstrates the transformative power of perseverance. He rose from trash collector to millionaire through a combination of resilience and strategic foresight.

His best-selling books, including BOSS Moves, are based on principles that can help entrepreneurs in any industry. His success story is an inspiration to many people who are facing adversity in life.

Mind Over Money Mastery

Myron Golden is a popular business speaker who offers advice on wealth-building strategies. His story of going from trash man to millionaire inspires others to pursue financial freedom. He also teaches others how to build successful businesses. He has several courses available, including BOSS Moves and Make More Offers Challenge.

The Mind Over Money Mastery course is an audio program that teaches participants how to have mastery over their minds, money, and mouths. It features 49 downloadable audio lessons that are designed to equip participants with the mindset, communication skills, and strategic wealth-building concepts needed for success. The program includes lessons on accelerated learning, and it teaches how to reprogram the mind for automatic achievements.

The Mind Over Money Mastery course is available for purchase on Myron Golden’s website. It costs $97, and it includes a PDF and MP3 downloads of the lessons. The PDF contains a summary of the course and a list of suggested resources. The MP3 downloads contain audio recordings of the lessons, as well as questions and answers from live broadcasts. The PDF and MP3 files are designed to help users learn the material quickly and easily. They are also suitable for on-the-go learning. The program is a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve success in life and business.

Make More Offers Challenge

Esteemed business strategist and coach Myron Golden has crafted the Make More Offers Challenge, a 5-day transformative journey that equips participants with the latest and most effective offers-making strategies. The course covers everything from constructing irresistible initial offers to presenting premium value propositions that underscore the unique benefits of your product or service. It is expertly designed to empower entrepreneurs, especially agency owners, to achieve substantial growth and success. Testimonials from past attendees attest to the practical impact and effectiveness of Myron’s teachings.

On day two, Golden talks about creating a problem-focused offer that is not only valuable but irresistible to your target audience. He also explains how to use the story-offer-hook framework popularized by Russell Brunson. He then talks about the importance of using storytelling to sell your offer, a tactic that has been proven to be very effective.

To participate in the Make More Offers Challenge, you must commit to dedicating 1-2 hours each day for five days. This commitment will open the door to transformative learning and invaluable insights. Unlike other programs, this one offers direct engagement with the expert, allowing you to gain insights that are relevant to your particular situation. You can also interact with other participants and learn from them as well.

Myron Golden Boss Moves Book

Myron Golden is a renowned business strategist and author of “BOSS Moves.” He has a unique teaching style that draws on his religious faith and is an excellent example of how personal beliefs can seamlessly blend with professional endeavors. He is also a frequent speaker at ClickFunnels events and has a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs achieve success.

His story of rags to riches is a testament to his perseverance and strategic foresight. He believes in building multiple streams of income and protecting his assets from financial risk. He also emphasizes the importance of focusing on family and instilling financial literacy at an early age.

In his book BOSS moves, Myron Golden explains the four specific strategies that help businesses grow by 1280%. One of these is customer ascension, which involves converting customers into high-value buyers. These buyers spend more than lower-value customers and can help you grow your business exponentially. Another strategy is leveraging social media to build your brand and attract more leads. Myron also teaches how to create irresistible offers that convert.