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Myron Golden – A Business Coach With Off-The-Charts Positive Energy

Myron Golden is a business coach whose off-the-charts positive energy is infectious. He helps entrepreneurs, authors and consultants grow their businesses and increase their incomes.

His experience with adversity, including contracting polio as an infant, has helped him to develop resilience. His knowledge of marketing strategies, combined with a unique blend of biblical principles, positions him as a leader for those looking to achieve sustainable success.

Mind Over Money Mastery

As a business coach, Myron Golden is well-known for his expertise in sales and marketing, wealth-building, and personal development. He also offers a course called Mind Over Money Mastery, which is designed to help individuals on their path to financial prosperity. The program consists of 49 downloadable audio and video lessons that equip participants with the mindset, communication abilities, and strategic wealth-building strategies they need to achieve their goals.

The first section of the course, Mind Mastery, focuses on changing your mental patterns and beliefs about money. It teaches you to identify your limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering thoughts that support your financial goals. The second section, Mouth Mastery, teaches you how to communicate effectively and empowers you with crucial selling skills and strategies.

The third section, Money Mastery, teaches you how to build your wealth and create an abundance mindset. It focuses on the core concepts of millionaire formulas, and helps you shift your focus from liabilities to assets. It also covers topics such as how to overcome obstacles, and provides a five-step closing system. The course includes an online workbook, and the audio lessons include Myron Golden’s core teachings with Q&A sessions from live broadcasts. This allows the audience to learn from real-life scenarios and experiences.

Make More Offers Challenge

Making irresistible offers that your audience cannot resist is the key to growing your business. But, creating and packaging those offers can be a daunting task. To help you, Myron Golden has designed the Make More Offers Challenge, a 5-day live event that will show you how to create and package offers so compelling that they’re irresistible to your audience.

The Make More Offers Challenge is a unique business seminar that caters to different kinds of professionals, including coaches, entrepreneurs, and agency owners. It aims to revolutionize participants’ offer-making strategies, catalyzing substantial business growth and development. The Make More Offers Challenge is unlike other online seminars and webinars because it incorporates a range of interactive elements, such as live Q&A sessions and real-time chats.

The five-day challenge will cover all aspects of running a business, from launching to messaging and marketing. It is also designed to push attendees to their limits. This is done so that they emerge as more capable, innovative, and successful business professionals. The challenge is also backed by Myron’s expertise and positive energy, which transcends the barriers of distance. It’s this energy and passion that have made the Make More Offers Challenge a popular choice among entrepreneurs. Those who sign up for the VIP experience will enjoy an exclusive interaction with Myron, ensuring a thorough understanding of the course materials and a personalized approach to their business challenges.

Myron Golden Boss Moves Book

Myron Golden is a legendary sales trainer and coach who has helped many people grow their businesses. He has a strong faith in God and often incorporates his biblical principles into his business strategies. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance and strategic foresight. His revenue streams include speaking engagements, high-ticket consulting services, book sales, and YouTube monetization.

My BOSS Moves book teaches entrepreneurs how to compress time and accelerate their business growth. It also covers important fundamentals such as lead generation and conversion rate optimization. In this book, Myron shares his Power Moves that have helped him achieve success in multiple markets and industries.

The Make More Offers Challenge offers a variety of training sessions that help participants create irresistible offers. The program also includes a Facebook group and VIP sessions for those who want to dive deeper into specific offer strategies.

The Make More Offers Challenge is an excellent option for those looking to boost their revenue and achieve financial freedom. The course offers a wide range of resources and is suitable for all learning styles. The training includes a detailed workbook, educational videos, and a supportive community. The course is available online and offline, making it accessible for everyone. It is also suitable for people with busy schedules.