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Myron Golden – Achieve What Others Only Dream About

Myron Golden is a best-selling author, YouTube personality, master marketing consultant and business coach. He combines a deep understanding of biblical principles with a unique blend of practical strategies to empower entrepreneurs to achieve what others only dream about.

His Make More Offers Challenge helps business owners restructure their thinking and arms them with crucial selling skills. Participants from all types of industries—from artists to truck drivers, chiropractors to lawn care—are seeing significant results.

Mind Over Money Mastery

The Mind Over Money Mastery course offers a holistic approach to wealth-building and personal development. This online program teaches participants how to master their mindset and overcome financial fears that are keeping them from success. The course also includes practical strategies to create multiple streams of income.

The program includes 49 downloadable audio and video lessons. It is broken down into three sections: Mind Mastery, Mouth Mastery, and Money Mastery. The Mind Mastery section is designed to restructure the mind for success, while the Mouth Mastery segment arms participants with essential selling skills and communication strategies.

This powerful program tackles the societal and systemic programming that predisposes individuals to failure, advocating for a complete reprogramming of the mind. It also provides practical techniques and insightful teachings to unlock one’s full potential. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business coach, or life coach, this course will help you build your wealth and reach your goals. This course will change your financial story forever.

Make More Offers Challenge

Myron Golden’s five-day Make More Offers Challenge is an online masterclass that equips participants with cutting-edge business strategies. It also provides a roadmap to crafting irresistible offers that can drive substantial revenue into their businesses.

The event is expertly designed to empower entrepreneurs, especially agency owners and investors, to craft tailored offers for each stage of their customer journey. It covers everything from generating irresistible lead generation offers to presenting premium value offers.

In his program, Myron teaches the principles behind offer creation using proven frameworks that have helped him and his students do over $100 million in sales. He teaches how to create a hook, tell a story, and present an offer that will leave people feeling like they’re getting their money’s worth.

Myron Golden is an esteemed coach who has been helping professionals transform their business practices and elevate their incomes for years. He is also a respected leader who focuses on integrity and generosity in all that he does.

VIP Experience

Myron Golden is an established business consultant and bestselling author. He specializes in marketing strategies and entrepreneurship, using biblical principles to help everyday people become wealthy. His story of overcoming adversity and reaching the pinnacle of success is inspiring, and he has helped many of his students achieve their dreams.

One of his most popular programs is the Make More Offers Challenge, which teaches entrepreneurs how to improve their sales and revenue. The program is available as a general admission or in a VIP experience, which offers more intensive training sessions. It also includes backstage passes to meet with Myron and ask questions.

Another program that Myron Golden offers is the BOSS Moves book, which shares four specific moves that can help you grow your business exponentially. These strategies are proven to work, and you can learn them from Myron through his YouTube videos and online courses and challenges. He also teaches them at his live events.

Boss Moves Book

Myron Golden is an international speaker and business coach who has coached multiple seven-figure and eight-figure business owners. He also runs the Bible Success Academy, a school that teaches people how to use biblical principles in their businesses. His strategies are geared toward helping people achieve their divine purpose in life.

In BOSS Moves Book, Myron shares his knowledge of four specific moves that can help a business grow exponentially. These moves include generating leads, building a brand, and creating recurring revenue. These steps can help a business generate wealth quickly and attract premium buyers.

This book contains the same information that Myron teaches to his high level masterminds and coaching clients. He currently charges $350,000 for what he calls a VIP day, and the information is the same as that found in this book. This is a great opportunity to get Myron’s wisdom at an affordable price.